Mobile Infrastructure (QTIL)

Mobile Infrastructure PART-A (BSNL)(QTIL)

» Agreement No:30-148/2007-USF (PART-A) Dated 15-May-2007
» Effective Date: 01-Jun-2007.
» Scope:Commissioning of 88 Towers in Cluster 78.
» Validity: 6 & a half Years from effective date.
» Subsidy Support: 5 Years from the date IP sites commissioned.
» Total 88 Towers in U.P. (West).
» Representative Rate: Per IP sites per annum Rs. 100000 in Cluster 78.
                Roll Out: At least 50% of the total IP Sites within 8 Months and remaining IP sites within 12 Months
         period the singing of theagreement extended upon to 30 Months.
        All the Infrastructure sites were commissioned in cluster 78 by 06-04-2008.

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