CPIO/Appellate Authority

Any citizen of India seeking any information relating to this office may address his application to Central Public Information Officer(CPIO)-

Sh.R.P. Yadav
Phone No. 0121-2513400,Fax no. 0121-2404600

The Application shall be considered for providing desired information only if the application is accompanied by application fee of Rs.10/- (if not belonging to the below poverty line category)

3. The application fee of Rs.10/- may be deposited to the Deptt. through any of the following three alternatives only -
(i) By Cash to be deposited to cashier of this office where money receipt would be issued against the cash deposite.
(ii) By Bank Draft to be drawn in favour of AO(Cash), office of Controller of Communication Accounts,UP(W) Meerut.
(iii) By Postal Order in favour of AO (Cash), office of Controller of Communication Accounts, UP(W) Meerut.

4. After receipt of response from CPIO , if the applicant is not satisfied with the information provided or denied , he may file an appeal the same within 30 days of the receipt of communication , which need to be addressed to Appellate Authority -

Sh. V. N. Tandon, CCA
Appellate Authority
Phone No. 0121-2402000, Fax no. 0121-2400765
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